“Nowhere have I seen shells available that glow! Very cool in my aquarium!”

- Brent Johnson

“I was looking for a fun way to layer the bottom of my aquarium other than regular store-purchased gravel. Thanks Aqualumin!”

- Sara Walker


  • 1.) Aqualumin products are inert and environmentally friendly.
  • 2.) Aqualumin glow product will always reactivate from a light source and will glow forever.
  • 3.) After being introduced to light, glow affect works best if there are no external light sources still diffusing light on Aqualumin product.
  • 4.) Glow will last all night--and even for days on a full charge.
  • 5.) Full charge is any kind of light that equals about 10 minutes of daylight. Black light is really cool and gives fast re-charge.
  • 6.) Aqualumin products always re-charge.
  • 7.) Glow can even come thru natural algae--amazing!
  • 8.) Outside fish? Inside, outside or under ice, Aqualumins will keep on working.
  • 9.) If you are ordering a complete base of glow for your tank, save money and only place glow on the top "Base" layer.

Keep coming back as we are adding more and more products.

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Safety First

Any product that is added to an area with live animals should be introduced slowly, as some animals feed off of other products already in container. In addition, a slow introduction of any type of product is recommended to minimize shock to live animals, when applicable.